Due to the ongoing COVID - 19 pandemic we are operating within tight restrictions to mitigate as much risk possible in terms of viral transmission. This means that all customers and employees will have to follow a series of rules and regulations that keep the risk of viral transmission as low as possible. Some of these rules may-be familiar to you, such as keeping a couple of meters distance from any other customers in your personal area, and making sure you wash your hands and wear your facemask at all times. Some rules however will be specific to our type of business so please do read all of them as you will need to abide by them if you wish to come in for any service. Thank you for your time and patience during this trying time.

Rules we all need to abide by

Social Distance

Please try and keep as much distance as you can from other customers. We will be spacing appointments out, and walk-ins are not allowed until we are advised by the government that we can reduce precautions.

Wear PPE

We encourage everyone to wear ppe, even a mask alone makes a huge differance. Gloves also go a long way for personal protection.

Personal hygiene

We encourage all customers to thoroughly wash their hands and face regularly. Try to carry some hand sanitizer with you at all times as well.

Rules specific to our business

1 bag policy

We kindly ask our customers that they bring along a maximum of one bag only. This reduces the risk of the virus being carried in or out of the salon due to an increase of surface area on the move.

Cashless payment

Please try to pay for your services with a card, cash payments is to be avoided if at all possible to due the increase of contact involved.

Employee PPE

Our employees are required to wear the same level of PEE that both dentists and doctors are required to wear when coming in contact with patients. This means that all employees will be wearing a shield visor, face mask and gloves at all times.

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